Since 2017, The DApact develops a suite of Ethereum smart contracts for financial inclusion. Our protocol aims to dispatch impact capital to end borrowers without relying on intermediary custodial entities.

This is achieved by creating direct remittance bridges between  international lenders and micro-borrower in low-income countries, atop a network of local, registered financial institutions processing underwriting, collateral management and installment collection.

The DApact tested this protocol in 2017 and 2018 with a network of rural credit operators and Australian crowdlending platform Good Return and support from leading financial inclusion NGO Accion.


Pilot #1

Status: Completed
Start Date: October 2017
Location: Cambodia
Assessment: Rural Credit Operator and Pawnshop network, borrowers UI (chatbot)
Portfolio value: 10,000 USD
Financing: Self-funded
The DApact ༻Pilot#1༄ Cambodia || chatbot test


Pilot #2

Status: Completed
Start Date: June 2018
Location: Cambodia
Assessment: Pawnshop network, underwriter UI, signed lending partner 
Portfolio value: 70,000 USD
Financing: Signed partner